Yaroslava & Vanessa: Textile Design

Portuguese master textile designer Vanessa Barragão and Ukrainian fellow Yaroslava Shkurat


Vanessa Barragão’s work is sought after across the world. She specialises in handmade and ancestral techniques, such as latch hook and crochet, to create large-scale textile wall hangings which make a statement about the ecological issues facing the planet such as coral reef bleaching. All her materials come from leftovers and dead stock from Portuguese factories.


Born in Semenivka, Yaroslava Shkurat studied embroidery at the Ecole Duperré in Paris, following a weaving and tapestry course for six years in Lviv. She uses recycled material to create fabric for couture clothing collections, rugs and carpets. To date she has used 40 metres of recycled fabric and 20 kilos recycled leather by collaborating with Litkovska. 

Embracing Pouffe


Seeking to convey the feeling of being hugged, master textile designer Vanessa and fellow Yaroslava created a colourful pouffe using repurposed yarns and fabrics. Transforming a utilitarian pouffe into a captivating artwork, their design weaves in the Art Deco style with nature-inspired elements created using crochet, latch hook and other fibre manipulations. This art piece invites the outdoors into the home, offering a unique connection to nature and a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetic.