Tom & Sébastien: Bicycling

French master bicycle builder Sébastien Klein and fellow Tom Even 


Sébastien Klein’s passion for bicycles and cycling is central to his craft. He reinterprets classic bicycle building by combining old concepts with new materials and technologies. All his bikes are made and painted by hand at his workshop, ensuring every model is custom built to suit the needs of each rider.


Tom Even studied metalworking at École Boulle in Paris and has been passionate about cycling for more than five years. Building custom bikes, manufacturing objects that fulfil the desires of its customer, and designing pieces that will become the extension of its rider, is what he sought to develop during the Fellowship.

34 Lessly


From his workshop in Burgundy master bicycle builder Sébastien and fellow Tom combined their skills to handcraft a road bike for peak performance and pleasure. A contemporary adaptation of the Art Deco style thanks to its geometrical and mathematical construction, the bike is solid and durable with a simple and pure design. To find the perfect balance between weight and stiffness, they shaped the main tubes of the bike while also machining key components such as the headtube or the dropouts. The duo added small details to further reference the Art Deco aesthetic on the fork crown and the seat stay bridge.