Soraia & Tomás: Cabinet Making

Portuguese master cabinet maker Tomás Viana and fellow Soraia Santa 


Tomás Viana trained at Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva in the early 2000s in cabinet making and wood carving, going on to use his skills for restoration for about five years. Inspired by a book by Betty Norbury, Furniture for the 21st century, Tomás decided to dedicate himself to artistic cabinet making. Having worked for designers, artists and architects, he started to produce solely his own designs 10 years ago.


Soraia Santa graduated in Industrial Design in 2005, developing a taste for shapes and practical pieces. During the 2008 crisis, the lack of job opportunities in her area pushed her to take a role as flight attendant with Qatar Airways. Soraia returned to Portugal in 2021, reconnecting with her roots, she decided to enrol in a woodcarving course at Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva. 


Timepiece Carousel


This original watch box elevates a timepiece collection with a unique display solution: a built-in rotating mechanism that provides a dynamic showcase and accessibility. Inspired by a visit to an Art Deco museum in Portugal, Master cabinetmaker Tomás and fellow Soraia’s creation embodies elements of this iconic style. The result is a sunburst pattern, carved into walnut, that radiates from the centre to the edges of the box. Complementing this aesthetic, the box’s top made of ash, provides a seamless contrast. The hinge, crafted in bronze, is reminiscent of clockwork components.