Richard & Stephen: Cabinet Making

Irish master cabinet maker Stephen O’Briain and fellow Richard Butler 


With a background in fine art painting Stephen O’Brian has been working with wood for the last 30 years. Designing furniture, his instinct is to find a balance between the function of the piece and its sculptural form, where every line, shape and aspect is considered with the aim of creating a singular statement, always working with sensitivity for his medium and its inherent qualities.


Growing up in rural Ireland, Richard Butler developed an appreciation for trees. In secondary school, he took up wood working and fell in love with the craft, making the decision to pursue this as a career an easy one. Traditional methods of marquetry, lamination and carving interest Richard and he seeks to incorporate these into his style of furniture. 



Mimicking the simple silhouettes and geometric patterns of the Art Deco movement, master cabinetmaker Stephen and fellow Richard collaborated to create an heirloom cabinet designed as a writing bureau. Built for longevity with traditional hand-cut joinery hidden in its frame and carcass giving it strength. Behind the Art Deco inspired doors are drawers and a pull-out work surface. This desk has a traditional structure composed of internal drawers and a modular writing tablet, revisiting the Art Deco style with a touch of contemporaneity. It is made of solid walnut with oak inserts.