Noel & Mike: Ceramics

Irish master ceramicist Mike Byrne and fellow Noel Donnellan 


Mike Byrne graduated in Ceramic Design in 1977. He started his teaching career in 1984 and developed an art practice in ceramics and printmaking, completing an MA in Fine Art in 2000. His work has been selected for international collections and exhibitions across Europe. He is co-founder of The Irish Contemporary Ceramics Collection at the Hunt Museum.


Noel Donnellan began as a decorative artist in 2003 and co-founded PIGMENTTI, an international artisan decoration company in 2016. Through 20 years of collaboration with international interior designers and architects, he gained vast artistic and project management skills. Formerly a mechanical design engineer, he brings technical knowledge to his craft. 



Inspired by Noel’s grandmother’s cast iron cooking pot, master ceramicist Mike and fellow Noel worked together to create a large ceramic vessel. The Art Deco theme is represented by the gold rimmed central perforation. Modelled by hand in clay, the vessel is decorated with layered tempera and embellished with gold.