Léandre & Cédric: Metalworking

French master metalworker Cédric Lamballais and fellow Léandre Le Bail 


Both Cédric Lamballais’s grandfather and great-grandfather were farriers and blacksmiths. He started blacksmithing at the age of 15,  and worked for three years as an ironmonger, restoring old buildings. Passionate about history and artistic fencing, he discovered the complexity of weapons and how they were made, which is why he turned to cutlery. Today, he focuses on passing his knowledge and reproducing historic pieces.


Originally from Brittany, Léandre Le Bail has a keen interest in history, folklore and Celtic art. She trained at the École Estienne in Paris, specialising in printmaking and printed Images. 

Bann Heol


Master knifemaker Cédric and fellow Léandre combined their talents to create an ornately decorated knife set and box​. They drew inspiration for the shapes and motifs on the objects from Art Deco style and the Ar Seiz Breur movement, in particular the work of Jeanne Malivel and Pierre Toulhoat. The embellished box is made of wood with copper and brass inserts, whilst the foldable knives are handcrafted from steel, brass, copper and nickel silver.