Jackson & Sasha: Furniture Making

Irish master furniture maker Sasha Sykes and fellow Jackson Byrne 


Sasha Sykes is an Irish craftswoman who works with acrylics and resins to explore, manipulate and challenge the material language of the natural world. Her architectural background infuses her work with a sense of rigour, and informs her strong approach to form and composition. Her handmade furniture and artworks explore notions of history and usefulness, telling stories through the use of embedded flora. Sasha’s work is in numerous private and public collections around the world.


Jackson Byrne is an Irish artist based in Wicklow who works with a variety of media, combining drawing and video, as well as using digital environments to create narrative films and sculptural installations. He graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Art from IADT and was longlisted to be part of the RDS Visual Art Awards. He has since participated in numerous group exhibitions. 

Sleeping Garden


This floral wall-mounted bedroom artwork is inspired by the “sunburst” style headboards of the Art Deco period, traditionally made from wooden veneers. Master furniture maker Sasha and fellow Jackson collaborated to explore straw marquetry and bio-based resins for submerging foraged plants, flowers and Jackson’s signature doodles. Under Sasha’s guidance, Jackson designed and executed his artwork as a unique bed headboard that brings nature closer to us permanently, creating a thoughtful and peaceful environment for sleep.