Guillermo & Dan: Engraving

Spanish master engraver Dan Benveniste and fellow Guillermo García Huald 


Dan Benveniste is a printmaker and publisher of original graphic work with 40 years of professional experience. Benveniste Contemporary was established in Madrid in 1993, where he prints and publishes exclusively contemporary graphic work, produced in close collaboration with national and international artists. Benveniste Contemporary works with established artists along with many other emerging talents, specializing in photogravure and large format printmaking.


Aspiring engraver Guillermo García Huald graduated from Artediez, Madrid in 2024. He is especially interested by aquatint and etching.

Engraved prints


This large-scale intaglio print is made using collagraph printing, a versatile process which consists in inking and printing textured surfaces. Master printer Dan and fellow Guillermo collaborated with Spanish artist Jacobo Castellano to create this piece inspired by Art Deco lotus flower arrangements. The large-scale prints are produced from different types of wood which are cut, re-shaped and assembled again into new patterns, defined by strong lines and semi-geometrical shapes.