Gonzalo & José: Gold Thread Embroidery

Spanish master gold thread embroiderer José Luis Sánchez Expósito and fellow Gonzalo Garcia Cueva 



José Luis Sánchez Expósito began embroidering at the age of 16 for the towns and brotherhoods of Córdoba. He then moved to Seville, where he had the opportunity to work in some of the best workshops in the capital. More than 10 years ago he decided to set out on his own and since then many brotherhoods and individuals, from Spain and abroad, have passed through his workshop.


Gonzalo Garcia Cueva showed an interest in gold embroidery from an early age and began it as a hobby. Embarking on a career in pharmacy, he found some professional courses and small collaborations with workshops in his region to continue developing his interest and honing his skills. 

La Mariquilla


This handbag has two different faces embroidered with gold and natural silk thread, following the traditional techniques of Seville’s sacred embroidery. ​Master gold thread embroiderer José Luis and fellow Gonzalo took their inspiration from Jaeger-LeCoultre’s “Reverso” watch, a world-known Art Deco symbol of high craftsmanship. The bag is made from silk velvet, leather and 24k goldthread. A goldwork Mariquilla, inspired by the Sevillian Easter tradition has been applied to the strap as a brooch, paying tribute to the flowers which adorn the chest of the Virgin of Macarena Coronada.