Clara & Tom: Stone Sculpting

Swiss master stone sculptor Tom von Kanel and French fellow Clara Coujaty 


Tom von Kaenel is a sculptor and painter originally from Switzerland who developed an interest in art from an early age. His desire to bring beauty to the world is his inspiration for the creation of his work. Already during his training as a technical draughtsman and later as a teacher of pictorial design, he devoted himself to painting and three-dimensional work. He has exhibited his work in various solo and group exhibitions across the world.


Clara Coujaty studied bronze casting at Ecole Boulle in Paris. Prior to her studies, Clara had a diverse skillset with interests in sewing, illustration and photography. Having learned to construct a three-dimensional form through metal casting, she was intrigued to learn the opposite technique of creating volume from mass through carving. 

Un au revoir


Master stone sculptor Tom and fellow Clara chose to create a funerary urn to give dignity to loved ones with a dedicated handcrafted joyful vessel. Sculpted from Greek Naxian white and redish marble, the urn’s form and decorative engravings are inspired by the roaring twenties and Art Deco architecture and patterns. The vessel is characterised by repetitive emerging circles and arches typical of the Chrysler Building.